“Learn about the Healthy Pet Feeding Habits” Primiti’s Diary

Food is just like the fuel in an engine, it is important for the smooth running of the machine called Body. This is true for both humans as well as pets. Now, feeding the right food in the correct manner is the main concept which I am going to focus here.

“Learn about the Healthy Pet Feeding Habits” Primiti’s Diary

The thing you need to understand here is that pets like dogs and cats specifically don’t follow the same food at all stages. Their food needs and demands change with age, and you will have to deal with that in the same way. For example, a 10 weeks old puppy will have different food demands than a 1-year-old dog.

You need to know what is right for your dog and make suitable changes accordingly.

Feeding Styles that you can Choose from

There are two feeding methods at present; one is the free-feeding style and the other one is the fixed time schedule kind of feeding. In the free feeding, food is served on the dog plate and it is kept open for them. They can have the food at any time they wish, so it is kept open all the time.

Whereas in the scheduled kind of feeding, there a fixed time set during which the food will be served to the dog. In this way, you could give on some restrictions here, and reduce the unwanted food intake between the meals. You will be surprised after knowing that theĀ environment impacts feeding habits of your pets.

Feed DogsDogs

The first priority in a Dog’s meal is the presence of meat. If you come across any dog meal which says it is a whole-grain meal, wheat product, etc – simply avoid!

This is because dogs have sharp canine teeth and they are not meant for grinding grains but meat. So, the meat element is a must in a dog’s food. Also, try to keep the food brand constant, otherwise they may have an upset stomach.

For Cats

Tips for feeding catsCats are fussier than dogs when it comes to food choices. Cats prefer their food to smell perfect without any external odors in it. You could get a glass or ceramics bowl for serving cat food, as they keep the odors out from getting mixed with the food.

They mainly prefer protein and fat-filled food in their food tray, and also won’t ever say No to meat.

If you are just getting started with choosing your pet food, then it would be better to ask it out to any professional expert or your regular vet for better advice. First, the dog/cat breed should be taken into consideration, and then check for the food options.