Pet of the Week: Talkative Fancy Is up for Adoption

Are you planning to adopt a pet for home? We have the talkative Fancy for you who is set for the adoption. She is 8 years old, domestic short-hair who lives in Edinburgh.

I went to meet Fancy, just to ensure the news is not a fake one. One of the caretakers, Katrina Keywood working with the Shenandoah County Animal Shelter told me that Fancy has been in the shelter home since January.

Talkative Fancy Is All Set for Adoption

Fancy is an owner-surrender pet, said, Katrina. “The owner couldn’t care the pet anymore.”

Adopt a Pet

Yes, you may find it as an insensitive move, like leaving out the pet as the owner can’t care. However, it’s still better than locking the pet inside a home or leaving them on any random place which may terrify the pet, and put their life into more danger.

Keywood adds, Fancy is disciplined and happy around other people. Now, if the prospective buyer have kids at home, then older kids are preferable compared to the younger kids. She is afraid that the younger kids won’t give Fancy her space, and may harm her by pulling the ears and tail. These instances are common, so the buyer should have only older kids.

Also, Fancy won’t mind the company of other cats, however, she is a bit uncomfortable in a dog’s presence. She is a talkative kind and you will instantly fall in love with her.

Fancy has a good personality, to which Keywood adds – ‘I would adopt her if I was given the chance’.

Well, the only reason she is still in the shelter is the age. Pet lovers mostly go for older ones or the younger ones. This could be a turn off for some users.

Fancy doesn’t have any kind of health issue, and is up to date with all the necessary medication, and has been spayed as well.

The adoption fee for Fancy is $15. If you are interested in this adoption deal, you can get in touch with the Shenandoah County Animal Shelter on 540-984-8955.

PetFood Measures – Quantity of food to feed a puppy

If you want to ensure that your dog is healthy and all happy, then make sure that you are providing the right amount of food. It should not be more or less, as both will create trouble.

Feeding more than what is required will lead to overweight issues, whereas the lesser-than-required will make them weak.

Quantity of food to feed

PetFood Measures – Quantity of food to feed a puppy

The task of deciding the right amount of dog food is all tiring and challenging. I will definitely guide you through on how to make a decision here.

First of all, there is certain information that you need to gather up. They include the breed type of your pet, their size, any special dog food if they are consuming, meal timings, how quick can they digest the food, and so many of them.

What is the right food for a Puppy?

When the puppy is in their six to eight weeks age, then they should be kept strictly with their mother. This is because the mother’s milk will provide all the best nutrients and make the puppy capable of fighting all the diseases. Nothing much to work during this period, since the mother is feeding it.

Then when they enter their fourth or sixth week, you have to gradually change the mother’s milk and then move to a proper puppy food.

This is their growing age, so they should be given something which is high in proteins, and loaded with vitamins, fats. Puppy food will always be high in minerals and other elements compared to the dog food.

After they cross the 8 weeks time, then you can permanently move to the dog food. This jump to different food styles is not as easy as they sound, consult the regular vet or an expert for guiding you through this.

How Much to Feed the Puppy in a Day?

This is how the planning should be done, and below is the Food Chart which will give you a better idea on the proportions depending on the weight of the dog.

Feed the Puppy in a Day

If your pet weighs about 18 kg, then 2.25 cups to 3 cups of the food will be enough for them in a day. Similarly, you can easily understand the proportions for varying dog weights.

That’s how you feed the right food in the correct amount. Now, coming to the meal timings! Set a fixed time for eating, which will let them know when to expect the food. Keep the dinner meal early, so that your dog can get plenty of time for the digestion.

That’s all for the article guys. Let me know in the comments and feedbacks – whether the article helped you or not. See YA!

“Learn about the Healthy Pet Feeding Habits” Primiti’s Diary

Food is just like the fuel in an engine, it is important for the smooth running of the machine called Body. This is true for both humans as well as pets. Now, feeding the right food in the correct manner is the main concept which I am going to focus here.

“Learn about the Healthy Pet Feeding Habits” Primiti’s Diary

The thing you need to understand here is that pets like dogs and cats specifically don’t follow the same food at all stages. Their food needs and demands change with age, and you will have to deal with that in the same way. For example, a 10 weeks old puppy will have different food demands than a 1-year-old dog.

You need to know what is right for your dog and make suitable changes accordingly.

Feeding Styles that you can Choose from

There are two feeding methods at present; one is the free-feeding style and the other one is the fixed time schedule kind of feeding. In the free feeding, food is served on the dog plate and it is kept open for them. They can have the food at any time they wish, so it is kept open all the time.

Whereas in the scheduled kind of feeding, there a fixed time set during which the food will be served to the dog. In this way, you could give on some restrictions here, and reduce the unwanted food intake between the meals. You will be surprised after knowing that the environment impacts feeding habits of your pets.

Feed DogsDogs

The first priority in a Dog’s meal is the presence of meat. If you come across any dog meal which says it is a whole-grain meal, wheat product, etc – simply avoid!

This is because dogs have sharp canine teeth and they are not meant for grinding grains but meat. So, the meat element is a must in a dog’s food. Also, try to keep the food brand constant, otherwise they may have an upset stomach.

For Cats

Tips for feeding catsCats are fussier than dogs when it comes to food choices. Cats prefer their food to smell perfect without any external odors in it. You could get a glass or ceramics bowl for serving cat food, as they keep the odors out from getting mixed with the food.

They mainly prefer protein and fat-filled food in their food tray, and also won’t ever say No to meat.

If you are just getting started with choosing your pet food, then it would be better to ask it out to any professional expert or your regular vet for better advice. First, the dog/cat breed should be taken into consideration, and then check for the food options.