About My Diary

We understand that you love your pet the most in your life. Therefore, it is your duty to give them the best care and attention.

Hey friends, welcome to Primiti’s Diary

Many of my friends have asked me, why pets are so important to me? I could only say that ‘for this, you need to have a pet for yourself’. The pet-owner relationship is so special and strong, isn’ it? Well, those of you have or had a pet at their home could understand that feeling.

How it all started?

primiti_1Before Bella came to my world, she is a beautiful golden retriever, I had no idea about pet care and grooming. I consulted vets and animal experts, asked out to my pet-loving friends and gathered up a lot of information on this topic. That’s when I got this idea of starting my own website, and share you guys my experiences with Bella and what all things I have learned for the past 1 year!

My Style of Working!

Website rules are simple! This is not a platform where one person is teaching all. It is a way of sharing knowledge, so I would like to keep it more interactive. Keep providing your feedback and suggestions from the other end!

Lots of love,