Pet of the Week: Talkative Fancy Is up for Adoption

Are you planning to adopt a pet for home? We have the talkative Fancy for you who is set for the adoption. She is 8 years old, domestic short-hair who lives in Edinburgh.

I went to meet Fancy, just to ensure the news is not a fake one. One of the caretakers, Katrina Keywood working with the Shenandoah County Animal Shelter told me that Fancy has been in the shelter home since January.

Talkative Fancy Is All Set for Adoption

Fancy is an owner-surrender pet, said, Katrina. “The owner couldn’t care the pet anymore.”

Adopt a Pet

Yes, you may find it as an insensitive move, like leaving out the pet as the owner can’t care. However, it’s still better than locking the pet inside a home or leaving them on any random place which may terrify the pet, and put their life into more danger.

Keywood adds, Fancy is disciplined and happy around other people. Now, if the prospective buyer have kids at home, then older kids are preferable compared to the younger kids. She is afraid that the younger kids won’t give Fancy her space, and may harm her by pulling the ears and tail. These instances are common, so the buyer should have only older kids.

Also, Fancy won’t mind the company of other cats, however, she is a bit uncomfortable in a dog’s presence. She is a talkative kind and you will instantly fall in love with her.

Fancy has a good personality, to which Keywood adds – ‘I would adopt her if I was given the chance’.

Well, the only reason she is still in the shelter is the age. Pet lovers mostly go for older ones or the younger ones. This could be a turn off for some users.

Fancy doesn’t have any kind of health issue, and is up to date with all the necessary medication, and has been spayed as well.

The adoption fee for Fancy is $15. If you are interested in this adoption deal, you can get in touch with the Shenandoah County Animal Shelter on 540-984-8955.

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